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At Pediatric & Adult Vision Care, you can expect the following:


Quality Eyeglasses Take a Little Extra Time and Expertise.

Checks and balances are in place because we hold our vendors to the highest standards. Unlike many big retailers, your individual satisfaction is our only concern.

We offer the hottest selection of high-fashion designer frames combined with top quality eye care and exceptional service from board certified optometrists and opticians. As an authorized dealer for over 40 popular name brands, every pair is hand crafted and custom fit to your specifications and we stand behind every one of our products. Our opticians specialize in edging, adjusting, dispensing, insurance billing, frame styling and carry both designer and independent frames. Our mission is to provide you with superior vision selection and service for the ultimate eyewear and eye care experience. You’ll see the difference—and so will everyone else

Tips for Get the Most Out of Your New Eyewear

Designer Eyeglasses and High-Tech Lenses

Pediatric & Adult Vision Care offers one of the largest selections of eyeglass frames and lenses in Wexford. Come by our Optical Store and choose your favorite pair of frames from our wide variety. Our very own optician can also assist you in selecting the best frame for you from our inventory. We take great care in making our selection of individual frames in order to offer you the latest lines of designer, top quality eyeglasses. We carry an extraordinary collection of designer frames including, Adidas, Ted Baker, Jimmy Choo, Nine West, Calvin Klein, and many others.

After selecting your frames, we will match them with the latest technology in lens development to complete the perfect “look” for you. We carry many different lens designs and treatments to maximize your visual needs because we believe that you should not settle for less when it comes to your eye sight. Whether it's Transitions lenses that adapt to the perfect shade so you see with just the right amount of light, or advanced non-glare lenses, we carry everything you need to let you see the very best.

Brand of Frames


No-line bifocals: No-line progressive bifocals by Varilux allow you to see better because they provide clear, comfortable vision at all distances. There are no age-telling lines on the Varilux lenses so no one needs to know you are wearing bifocals. High-performance digital lenses by Varilux give you the best clarity and fit possible.

Anti-reflective coating (also know as anti-glare): Crizal anti-reflection lenses help you see and look your best. In simple terms, the coating is actually layers of filters on the front and back surface of the lenses that allow all of the light to pass through the lens instead of bouncing back as reflection. They are durable, easy to clean, and resist surface static. The most important feature is that the filter increases the amount of light that passes through the lens so you see better, clearer and sharper than before. Anti-reflective coatings make your lenses look almost invisible.

Polarized lenses: Squint no more! In simplest terms a polarized lens is a high tech sunglass filter that eliminates glare and allows light to pass through the lens in only one direction (like miniblinds). It also provides 100% UV protection for your eyes. Without a doubt, it's the lens of choice for driving, fishing, golfing and all sunny outdoor activities.

Transitions®: Transitions Changeable Lenses make your eyes more comfortable because they are designed to adapt to any light. They darken in the sunlight and lighten back to clear, indoors.

Computer lenses: These new technology lenses are designed for your eyes to relax at the computer. They are designed to give you comfort and vision for close and intermediate distances. While these lenses are primarily designed for computer use, they work great for anyone requiring clear intermediate and near vision, such as musicians, architects, accountants, surgeons, and many others. They are available in plastic, glass and polycarbonate, single vision, as well as, progressive lenses, too.

No-line progressive lenses: Distance, intermediate, and reading prescriptions, in one pair of glasses, for all your vision needs! The technology behind these lenses has evolved to precision, so virtually anyone can now comfortably wear their progressives all day with absolute natural ease.

Customized progressive lenses: These progressive lenses are the first lenses to be designed specifically and uniquely for each individual wearer. In your next office visit, we will measure your head and eye Rx parameters in order to design completely customized progressive lenses just for you.

Hi-Index Lenses: These thin lenses come in a wide range of choices, especially for strong prescriptions, but all are basically flatter-front curves, resulting in thinner lighter lenses. They offer superior optics and can be easily used when rimless and thinner metal frames are being worn.

Polycarbonate: They are the strongest of all the optical lenses. These are recommended by the FDA for sports and safety and work best with most rimless frame styles. Think about your lifestyle needs and ask if these are missing from your wardrobe.

Why Should You Buy Your Glasses Here?

Our philosophy when prescribing glasses is to educate you on the differences in design and quality of lenses available. We use larger labs to ensure the best quality lenses.

  • Highly skilled and experienced Opticians – Put your mind at ease. With our highly skilled and experienced Opticians you can trust that you are getting the perfect glasses for you.
  • Huge selection! 1,200+ frames from all over the world on display – You aren’t limited in choosing your perfect glasses, no matter your look, style, or personality.
  • Want a second pair of glasses to go with those other shoes or purse? Or maybe you’re worried you’ll misplace your glasses? Well we’ve got you covered – when you choose your first pair of glasses we’ll throw in a second pair same day for 50% off!
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee – Second-guessing your style? Thinking you just really wanted that other pair we offered? No worries! We want to make sure you have the time to absolutely LOVE your glasses so you can come in and switch to a different pair within 60 days for no charge! Guaranteed!
  • Free adjustments and repairs – What if you accidentally bend your new glasses? No need to worry – your adjustments and repairs are on us!
  • Our doctor is available to review your prescription needs if you have any difficulties (at no charge) – Remember that 60-day guarantee? Well our doctors also want to make sure you love your glasses!
  • You get a 1-year warranty on all of our non-glare lenses to cover those random scratches or other mishaps – Life happens, we get that. You and your glasses shouldn’t suffer because of it.
  • All of our frames carry a one-year guarantee against manufacturer defects and many have a 1-year warranty – Curious why we are so confident in our frames? We work with only the best because that’s what you deserve.
  • Moms and Dads, not only do we equip your child’s glasses with the best quality lenses in the world, Trivex Non-Glare Lenses, for only $89.99 (normally $300) with the purchase of a frame – but you can also get them a second “back-up” pair for 50% off!

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