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340 million people worldwide suffer from Dry Eye. The leading cause of Dry Eye is now known to be a chronic and progressive condition, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). MGD occurs when there is a compromise to the function and/or structure of the Meibomian glands. These glands, located in the eyelids produce the protective oily (lipid) layer of the tear film.

LipiFlow is a treatment performed in our office that removes blockages from the Meibomian glands, allowing them to properly function and produce the oils that make up the top protective lipid layer of the tear film.

Lipiflow Activators are single-use sterile devices that safely and comfortably deliver a combination of heat to the inner lids and simultaneous therapeutic motion to the outer lids, removing blockages from the Meibomian glands. The Activators are contoured to avoid contact with the cornea, protecting the delicate structures of the eye.


If you have irritated, burning or watery eyes due to Dry Eye, LipiFlow may be able to help you! Call 724-935-9999 to schedule your Dry Eye Workup today.

In the video below, watch Dr. Henderson administer LipiFlow on Susie, our Director of Vision Therapy.

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