Vision Therapy for Patients with ADHD / ADD

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Does your child have difficulty concentrating in school? Are you searching for a non-drug treatment or therapy for ADHD?

Children who have undiagnosed vision problems often seem inattentive in an academic environment. Often these vision problems are not detected during a routine eye exam or vision screening.

Because 80% of learning is visual, a dysfunctional visual system can result in inattentiveness, impulsivity, dislike of reading, poor organization or executive function skills and many other issues that are associated with ADHD/ADD.

Due to possible side effects of ADHD / ADD medications, many parents are exploring other methods of treatments. Vision Therapy has been found to help manage many of the symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD and for many children it eliminates the need for medication.


At Pediatric & Adult Vision Care we treat both visual efficiency and visual processing skills that may be impacting your child’s performance. Sessions are completed one-on-one with a therapist, under doctor supervision. During treatment doctors and therapist work together on an appropriate treatment plan. State-of-the-art technology is incorporated into sessions making treatment a hands-on and interactive experience. In addition we incorporate movement, balance, gross motor skills, cognitive, and visual efficiency skills into each appointment making it fun and interactive.

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