Vision Therapy for Patients with Dyslexia

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According to the International Dyslexia Association, dyslexia is a "language-based learning disability [and] refers to a cluster of symptoms that result in people having difficulties with specific language skills, particularly reading." While dyslexia is not a vision problem there are a number of vision related issued that can mimic dyslexia symptoms. It is important to rule out the possibility of a visual problem before diagnosing Dyslexia. If a vision problem is present glasses, vision therapy, or both may be recommended. Although we are unable to diagnose Dyslexia we are able to rule out a vision problems that may mimic Dyslexia symptoms.

Examples of Vision Problem that might Mimic Dyslexia:

  1. Laterality/Directionality Problem - A person may reverse letters because they are unable to distinguish right from left on themselves (laterality). Poor laterality usually underlies an inability to recognize right from left on other objects, such as letters and numbers.
  2. Visual Fatigue - A child whose eyes grow fatigued will likely read at a considerably slower pace, which is a common symptom of dyslexia.
  3. Poor Control of Eye Movements – Poor eye control or jumpy eye movements can make it easy to skip words or misinterpret text. Words may appear to be moving or jumping around on the page making it extremely difficult to comprehend.


Dyslexia, like ADHD with trouble focusing, has become an umbrella term to cover all difficulties with reading. The problem with this approach is that the child receives a label that may not be accurate. While we can’t give your child the official diagnosis of dyslexia, we will test for the underlying cause of the symptoms. Often children who have been labeled with dyslexia have a visual processing dysfunction that can be corrected through vision therapy. Our doctors will test all of these areas. Because 80% of what is learned in a classroom is brought in through the visual system, a comprehensive eye exam with one of our optometrists is an important starting point for your child’s care.

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